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Results from 2021 Yukon XC Mountain Bike Championships

Cycling Association of Yukon (CAY) recently hosted 2 versions of its 2021 XC Mountain Bike Championships races. XC is short for “cross-country” and is a timed race that occurs on a course with hills, descents and technical features.

On July 31, the race for teenagers and adults was held on a challenging course at Mt. McIntyre. The track was 3 km in length, and participants raced either 4, 5 or 6 laps. Although short in distance, there was sustained climbing and you had to be on your game while descending some of the trickier sections, especially at speed.

As the July event was also the Yukon territorial championships, results from this race will be used by CAY to identify mountain bike athletes for the next Canada Summer Games. The Games are scheduled for August 2022 in Niagara, Ontario.

On August 4, the race for kids aged 5 to 11 was held on an easier, flowing course at the Gunnar Nilsson and Mikey Lammers Research Forest. The track was about 6 km in length and everyone rode 1 lap. You could hear hooting, laughing and words of encouragement from parents, teens and kids all the way around the course. Depending on who you ask, the highlight for many could have been the huge spread of snacks and prizes at the finish.

Every participant got a Yukon XC Mountain Bike Championships race plate for their bike, and wonderful category and draw prizes came from our sponsor Icycle Sports.

Here are the results from the event on July 31.

U19 Female (5 laps)

  1. Mara Roldan (54:40)
  2. Ava Irving-Staley (1:00:49)
  3. Aisha Roldan (1:01:58)

Adult, Male (6 laps)

  1. Ian Parker (1:02:30)
  2. Hudson Lucier (1:06:17)

Adult, Female (4 laps)

  1. Trena Irving (1:05:09)

U17 Female (4 laps)

  1. Mathilde Roldan (50:04)

U17 Male (4 laps)

  1. James Mccann (46:11)
  2. Gallagher D’Abramo (50:54)

U15 Male (4 laps)

  1. Taiga Burrman (48:24)
  2. Johna Irving-Staley (50:00)
  3. Alex LaBarge (50:06)
  4. Malcolm Murchison (52:26)

Here is the list of participants from the event on August 4.

  1. Jack Rooke
  2. Gabe Harries
  3. Henry Parker
  4. Owen Parker
  5. Kai Gibson-Tyler
  6. Rylan Morris
  7. Gabriel Coderre
  8. Liam Anton
  9. Kaleb Knutson
  10. Cedric D’Abramo
  11. Owen Krikorian

There are more super fun mountain bike events being held in August, including:

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