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Last update: February 8, 2022

Get your 2022 Cycling Association of Yukon membership licence

You can buy a membership licence online through CCN Bikes. All members must sign a waiver, done through the online registration process. For under-age cyclists, a parent/guardian must sign the electronic waiver. You can also join a Yukon cycling club.

Benefits of a CAY membership licence

By becoming a CAY member you're not only protecting yourself with insurance during events and races but you're also supporting the development of Yukon cycling at all levels.

Our Yukon cycling supporter fee goes towards Yukon trail maintenance activities, kids programs, cycling advocacy and safe-cycling initiatives. Your membership grows our sport and strengthens the voice for cycling in Yukon.

Buy a membership licence

Choose the type of 2022 membership licence to meet your needs

Benefit Adult (17 and older) Youth (under 17) Adult UCI race (17 and older) Youth UCI race (under 17) UCI technical
Eligible to participate in sanctioned Yukon cycling events including races, group rides and mass participation events. Additional registration fees may apply.
Eligible to participate in sanctioned Yukon cycling programs and instructional clinics, including HopOn. Additional registration fees may apply.
Join a CAY affiliate club. Additional club fees may apply.
Membership with Cycling Canada and eligible for partner discounts. More information about how to get discounts in February 2022.
Be covered for comprehensive general liability ($10 million) and sport accident ($50,000 for injuries occurred during an event) insurance during CAY-sanctioned events, programs and clinics.
Eligible to participate in events outside Yukon, including provincial/state-sanctioned races, National Championships and other nationally or internationally sanctioned races. All event disciplines.

Work as a commissaire, coach, team manager, soigneur, organizer, mechanic, caravan driver or agent.

Yukon cycling supporter fee. $10 from your membership goes to support Yukon trail maintenance activities, kids programs, cycling advocacy and safe-cycling initiatives.
Optional. Buy ($20) extra insurance that covers you on unsanctioned training rides. Read more about Sport accident coverage under Commonly asked questions below.
All memberships are valid from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

Cost includes a Cycling Canada member affiliation fee that goes towards national programs and support to CAY and its affiliated clubs and members. You also get partner discounts.
$60.00 $40.00 $80.00 $60.00 $0.00

Commonly asked questions about our insurance program

What does the Liability Policy cover?

It would be lengthy to list all the insuring agreements under the policy but, in many cases, inquiries relate to the concept of Liability Insurance.

General Liability Insurance is designed to protect a person (member) or any entity (CAY, Club) against any legal responsibility arising out of a negligent act or a failure to act as a prudent person would have acted, which results in bodily injury or property damage to another party.

Who is an Insured?

All employees, volunteers, officers, directors, coaches, managers, officials, member participants, auxiliary workers while acting within the scope of their duties on behalf of CAY and a club.

What is a sanctioned event?

Sanctioned events include all competitions or sports demonstrations run by CAY and or by member clubs in good standing authorized by CAY including related training at sites of events and club premises.


What is considered training under the Liability Policy?

Liability does not provide 24-hour coverage. All training activities must be documented and approved by CAY. Commuting and recreational cycling activities (i.e riding bike to the store) are not considered training.


What is the definition with respect to a member of the insurance program?

The insurance is based on the "reported" member’s names on file with CAY. The membership numbers are reported to the insurance brokers office of Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited.

What activities are covered?

All sanctioned and approved Cycling activities including competitions run by clubs who are members in good standing.

What about events with non-member participants?

Provided the event is sanctioned and the ratio of non-members is within the parameters set by CAY. Please note that insurance benefits will only extend to members however, if a non-member is named individually in a lawsuit they will not be defended by the Liability Policy.

Can a non-member be signed up as a club member at the time of the event?

Yes, as long as the waivers are signed, insurance premium collected, and these individuals are included in the reported membership numbers to CAY for the insurance program.

Are the member bicycles covered?

Personal belongings of members are not covered automatically. Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited has arranged a Bike Insurance Program where members can pay an additional premium to insure their bicycles. Please contact us for more information.

Sport accident

Does the policy provide 24-hour coverage?

No, only while participating in a training program, sanctioned tour, competition and traveling to and from the program, which is approved by and under the supervision of proper authority of the CAY or the club of which the Insured is a member.

Is it possible to expand this coverage to include individual, non-sanctioned training activities (members training on their own time)?

Yes, for an additional fee the Sport Accident Coverage can be extended to cover individual training activities. This is an option when you buy a membership licence online.

Does the Sport Accident Policy cover members participating in training camps outside of Canada?

Yes, as long as it is a sanctioned training camp, the policy will cover medical expenses incurred upon return to Canada. Expenses incurred abroad will require Travel Medical Coverage.

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