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Sanction a territorial race event

Last updated: December 31, 2022

In order to support the growth of and participation in cycling events throughout Yukon, we offer 2 levels of event sanctioning: club and territorial race.

These levels are designed to provide options for organizers and participants: from recreational events to instructional clinics and group rides to competitive races.

Sanctioning an event mitigates the expenses and organizational burden of insuring an event. CAY is a territorial affiliate of Cycling Canada, and therefore events sanctioned by CAY are included in the national insurance plan coverage.

About sanctioned territorial race events

Territorial race sanctioning is an official designation approving and licensing competitive cycling events in Yukon consistent with UCI and Cycling Canada rules and regulations.

Organizers who sanction their events as territorial races are committed to following the rules and regulations of the sport, to fair play and to providing a safe environment for participants and spectators alike.

Benefits of sanctioning your event

  • Increased prestige;
  • Inclusion and promotion as Territorial race in the Yukon cycling events calendar;
  • Points awarded for category upgrades and territorial standings as CAY will assign commissaires to attend and oversee the event;
  • Comprehensive general liability insurance coverage;
  • Sport accident insurance coverage;
  • Single event CAY membership licence available for unlicensed riders, with single event insurance included;
  • Youth development; and
  • High performance projects.

How to sanction a territorial race event

Only events hosted by CAY affiliated clubs and organizers are eligible for either type of sanctioning.

Membership in CAY is required by all participants in CAY sanctioned events. Membership is available by virtue of a CAY membership licence.

There is no CAY charge for sanctioned events, but there may be additional fees from the organizer.

Step 1: Become a member

If you are an individual organizer, either yourself or another member of your organization needs to be a CAY member. If the event is hosted by a Yukon club that is a registered non-profit society, then all board members should be members of CAY.

Step 2: Affiliate your club or team with CAY

Affiliate a club or team.

Step 3: Review this page

Review this page (sanction a territorial race event) or sanction a club event page and determine which type is suitable for your event. If you need help choosing the type, contact

Step 4: Contact us

When you are ready to sanction your event, contact for an events consultation.

Note – Be aware that you may be required to prepare an Emergency Action Plan (EAP), a list of permitting parties (landowners, municipalities, territorial agencies, etc.) and a map of road or trail closures if applicable. If you are serving alcohol at your event, we will also require a copy of your liquor license.

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