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What we do

Last updated: June 9, 2024

Cycling Association of Yukon (CAY) was established on December 2, 1988 and is the non-profit, volunteer-run sport governing body for cycling in Yukon.

We are the affiliated Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) of Cycling Canada.

CAY operates under the authority of the world governing body of all cycling's many sports, the Union Cycliste International (UCI).

Our mandate and role

The mandate of CAY is to develop, promote and grow the sport of cycling in Yukon.

Our role is to lead, regulate and empower.


The CAY board is the ultimate authority for cycling-related matters in Yukon. The board has the authority over the affairs of CAY through its bylaws, terms of reference and objects and is accountable to the membership of CAY and its affiliate clubs and teams.

The board meets and communicates throughout the year to plan and coordinate the programs and services offered by CAY to our affiliate clubs, teams and membership.

Our current board is:

  • Jane Koepke
  • Forest Pearson
  • Steven Biss
  • Deah Sutton
  • Joshua Tower
  • Edmund Tan
  • Rachelle Zral
  • Jocelyn Land-Murphy

How to become part of the board

All members and clubs have the opportunity to run and vote for members of the board.

The CAY board is elected by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year.

Annual general meeting

The CAY AGM is typically held in June, as our fiscal year-end is March 31.

An announcement will be published on our website and in other communications beforehand.

Our supporters
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  • Cycling Canada
  • HopOn Canada
  • Government of Yukon
  • Lotteries Yukon
  • Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon