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Rain, storm and lightning guidance

Last updated: March 10, 2021

Local weather should be monitored by the event organizer or club representative. Events must not be held during conditions of thunder and lightning, excessively high winds or in the unlikely event of a possible tornado.

CAY highly recommends that each event have a daily weather update posted in strategic positions throughout the registration and entrance area.

Participants and commissaries will be informed of this guidance.

In the event of thunder or lightning, the course will be evacuated and shelter found. 30 minutes must pass from the last clap of thunder or flash of lightning before riders may resume their competition. The next occurrence begins a new 30-minute cycle.

No outdoor activities will be initiated when thunder and/or lightning is present.

If thunder and lightning occur once activities have started, utilize the flash-to-bang method for determining the distance of lightning. Count the number of seconds between seeing the lightning and hearing the clap of thunder. If the time between flash-to-bang is 30 seconds or less it is time stop the event and seek shelter.

Lightning that is closer than 10 km poses a risk to participants. The formula is roughly the time between flash-to-bang divided by 3 equals the distance away in kilometers. For example, if the time from flash to bang is 30 seconds then the storm is 10 km away (30 seconds / 3 = 10 km).

The storm's distance and your location will determine when there is a need for evacuation to a safe shelter. A safe shelter is defined as a sturdy building that has metal plumbing or wiring, or both to electrically ground the structure. A shed or a shack is not a safe shelter.

Stay away from tall or individual trees, lone objects (flagpoles), metal objects, standing pools of water and open fields. Avoid close contact with others by maintaining a distance of 4-6 meters.

Allow 30 minutes to pass after the last sound of thunder or sight of lightning before resuming any outdoor activities including walking outside of your shelter.

At CAY sanctioned events, the Chief Commissaire in consultation with their partners will be responsible for making decisions regarding stoppage, delay or evacuation due to thunder, lightning or other extreme weather patterns.

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