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Underpass Feasibility Study Complete

In 2022, the Cycling Association of Yukon was approached to provide institutional capacity for residents of the Takhini North subdivision and applied for a $50 000 Active Transportation Fund to undertake a study that would determine the feasibility of creating two underpasses on the Alaska highway to connect separated portions of Whitehorse's active transportation network.

The study, carried out by Urban Systems, sought to investigate the merit of constructing two underpasses: One near the airport and another near Takhini North.  The study makes a strong case that creating a safe, reliable connection between city subdivisions west and east of the Alaska Highway will have benefits to all residents.  The study outlines not only the social, economic, and environmental benefits, but conducts a cost analysis for an undertaking of this magnitude. We are pleased to announce that this study concluded at the end of January 2024 and is now available for all to read.

If you are interested in the future of active transportation for individuals of all abilities in a growing city like Whitehorse, I encourage you to read the full study HERE.  

If this study has you inspired and wanting to take action, consider joining a few other dedicated and vocal proponents of change: The Whitehorse Urban Cycling Coalition is a grassroots, community-focused group of individuals seeking to make a difference for active transportation users in the city.

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