Cycling Canada – Disc brakes not permitted in road events

From Cycling Canada – To All Provincial Associations and Commissaires,

Although the UCI regulations never allowed disc brakes at lower levels, until a recent incident at the UCI Paris-Roubaix Classic, the UCI had permitted the use of disc brakes on a trial-basis for all divisions of UCI Professional Road Teams. As of April 14th, 2016 this trial has ended with the decision to suspend the use of disc brakes until further research can assure their safety for use in road competition.

Currently, UCI and Cycling Canada regulations forbid disc brakes for all Road competitions.  We don’t recommend them in any instance riders will be in a group or bunch, however for club activities and non-competitive events disc brakes are not banned unless specifically stated by your provincial association.


As the 2016 race season is set to begin, we wanted to be sure all Provinces/Territories and officials have a clear understanding of the regulation concerning the use of Disc Brakes in sanctioned Road Racing competition.

Unless specifically approved by the UCI, Disc Brakes are NOT permitted for use in road cycling events, as outlined in policy 1.3.025 in our updated 2016 Cycling Canada Companion Guide:

The Cycling Association of Yukon will abide by this regulation banning disc brake use in road competition as stated above.